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ESPACIO 218 is a private, non-profit project. It is located in the Portal Fernández Concha, one of the most emblematic buildings of the Plaza de Armas, the historic center of Santiago de Chile. Place where the identities, tensions and conflicts of contemporary Chilean society take shape.

Its exhibition, residency and research program seeks to promote the development of contemporary artistic practices, establishing crossroads and exchanges between local and international artists and communities.

Planos Espacio218 

We are a group of people motivated by art from a disciplinary and experimental perspective, who believe in collective networks as a possibility to expand art.

We are interested in generating reciprocal alliances with neighbors, the public, managers, curators, artists, cultural institutions, the media, authorities and possible collaborators, since we consider that all of them are essential to strengthen the project.

Espacio218 carries out the development of a model that seeks to consolidate itself over time, to acquire relevance in the Santiago, regional, national and international cultural scene.



José Pablo Guzmán, antropólogo y gestor

Kira Piriz, artista visual

Seba Calfuqueo, artista visual

Mariairis Flores Leiva, investigadora en arte contemporáneo

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